Need Light? Get "In-Lite" out of the dark!
In-Lite is the most versatile lighting! Use in composite, natural stone and in wood! Great around water as a dock light!
In-Lite Lighting Products are Designed to Enhance Your Deck's Beauty While Also Being Easy to Install and Control. Integrated Lighting Can be Installed on Decks, Stair Risers, Terraces, in Ornamental Paving, as well as in Walls. They are truly a versatile light!
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In-Lite | Rotating Light | Rotate Light | 360 Light

In-Lite | Rotating Lights | Rotate Light | 360 Light

In-Lite | Micro Light | Deck Light | Step Light

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Fish Eye LED Light Rotates 360° By In-Lite

Recessed LED - 7/8" By In-Lite

Square LED Recessed Light by In-Lite

Recessed LED 1-9/16" By In-Lite

Looking for Rotating Lights ? get In-Lite!

Getting In-Lite and out of the dark, doesn't have to be hard!

In-Lite Brick Lights!

In-Lite Easy to Install!

In-Lite is the perfect Deck Light, Step Light, BBQ Light, Composite Light, Micro Light and More! In-Lite is a Dutch company that offers truly the most versatile rotating light & stationary flush mount lighting. See also In-Lite Step Light, Riser Lights & Post Eye Ball Lights! In-Lite is ideal for use a Pathway Light as the In-Lite System acts a Rotate Light that will work as a Composite Light, Pond Light, Drive Way Light. If you need light for deck - Let In-Lite be the In-Lite of your life!
Building a Deck? Need light for deck? In-Lite is the perfect deck light. If you are wondering what makes In-Lite the ideal choice for use as your deck light or patio light its because of the truly versatile nature! The In-Lite system can be used around water so its the perfect deck light option to double as pond lights, dock lights & can also be used as a step light. (Perfect for use as boat dock lights!)In-Lite is the ideal step light, deck light & more!
Where can my In-Lite lights be used in? The In-Lite Recessed LED Flush Mount Lighting and the In-Lite Recessed Halogen Lighting can be used as a Composite Light in Composite Material, In Natural Stone and In wood for use as a Deck Light.
 So the simple answer..... Anywhere!
In-Lite | Step Light | Deck Light | Garden Light
In-Lite Guarantee:  
In-Lite is backed by a five your manufacture guarantee! In-lite pays great attention to the technical design for all its recessed lights, post lights, wedge lights and step lights! Your sales receipt of your In-Lite product so hold on to it!
Get In-Lite and Out of The Dark!
Getting In-Lite and out of the dark, doesn't have to be hard. In-Lite is easy to install and runs off a 12 volt low voltage system! The designers at In-Lite focused on function innovation aesthetics and ease of use! Great for professional or DIY use!
Looking for Rotating Lights - get In-Lite!
 In-Lite is the Light that Rotates 360 Degrees! Looking for a rotating lights? In-Lite is the micro light that is the perfect rotate light, 360 light and more!
Getting In-Lite and Out Of The Dark Is Easy! Works of a 12 Volt Low Voltage System! In-Lite kept user ease in mind!
Deck & Outdoor Lighting Design Idea: In-Lite Deck light is a great recessed light, but they can also be used as pathway lights and garden lights! Highlight your walkway or drive & install recessed deck lights for a beautiful and uniform look! Get In-Lite and out of the Dark!
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In-Lite | Micro Light | Deck Light | Step Light
Illuminate Your Nights with In-Lite Landscape Lighting Products and Enjoy the Beauty of the Night!
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Square LED Recessed Light by In-Lite
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Recessed Halogen Floor Light by In-Lite
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Solar Powered Wedge Post Light
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