Bronze Star Exterior Self-Tapping Wood Screws - #9 x 2"
Bronze Star Drive Wood Screw Features

Bronze Star Exterior Self-Tapping Wood Screws - #9 x 2"

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Package Contains #9 x 2" Screws & 1 Free Star Drive Bit
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Bronze Star Drive wood screws are "The Ultimate in Corrosion Resistance!" Bronze Star Drive Screws are ideal for exterior and interior use. They offer a triple dipped ceramic "Bronze" exterior grade coating. The Bronze Star Drive Wood Screws have withstood over 1200 hours of salt spray testing. Ideal for decks, fences, railings, framing and for any other wood joinery need! The general purpose professional grade Bronze Star screws are for use with hardwood, softwood, chipboard and other tough or treated materials.

  • Package Contains: #9 x 2"
  • Select from 1lb 5lb or Bulk Containers (Includes a Free Star Drive Bit!) 
  • Use T25 Star Drive Bits. (will fit a standard Torx Bit)
Bronze Star Exterior Construction Screw

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