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Keep Cool . Stay Dry.
Cooling Fans
Cooling Fans

 Use indoors or outdoors!
                           New Item!  - Residential & Commercial  Misting Fan  The Milo
New Item | The Milo 18" Misting Fan New Item | The Milo 18" Residential and Commercial Use Fan
The Brisa Commercial Grade Misting Fan
Auramist Ideal For Commercial & Residential Use!

We also offer Fan Covers, Parts, Accessories & Filters!

The best thing about Auramist Misting Fans is you stay dry and you will not get wet! The adjustable nozzle allows you to control the climate! Misting fans will reduce the temperature in any climate and are ideal for use indoors and out! Auramist offers the best cooling systems! If you are looking for a great alternative to AC - Auramist is a green product and will save you money!

Warranty Information:
Manufacture Warranty Offered by Auramist: All Auramist products are backed by a limited 1-year warranty that starts from the date of purchase and covers defects in materials and workmanship. At our discretion, we will replace the whole product or repair/replace the parts that prove to be defective. Proof of purchase will be required. This warranty does not cover the air and water filters. These expendable parts may wear out from normal use within the warranty period and should be replaced by the user as needed. To register your product: Click Here From:
Brisa 30" Misting Fan - Special Kit Pricing! Hurry offer Ends Soon!
Why choose an Auramist Cooling System?

Order with Ease & Ships Free....
Auramist products ship free, come with a warranty and is the best patented Misting Technology on the market! 
Save Money & The Environment...
The Patented Misting Technology in Auramist products uses the energy equivalent of just a few light bulbs! Auramist uses 80% LESS water then other misting fans! Help the Environment, Save Money on your utility bill
Uses less water.....
Each nozzle used in Auramist products require approximately 1/8 gallon (1 pint) of water per hour. 80% Less then Other Misting Fans! Adjustable Nozzle allows you the ability to control your climate!
Use less energy....
Auramist's innovative technology produces ideal droplet sizes with approximately 20 PSI of pressure. Making the Auramist misting fans an power and energy saver without sacrificing any performance or quality! Auramist Misting Fans are safe, easy to use and will last you years!
Auramist  Misting Fans & Cooling Systems:
All Misting Fans Ship Free!

Alaska, Hawaii, & Canada: 25% discount Shipping Cost
√ Great Gift Idea!
√ You Won't Get Wet!
√ Cheaper then AC!
√ Great for Indoors & Outdoors
√ Commercial & Residential Use
√ Ideal for Events, Warehouses, Weddings, Golf Carts & More

Auramist Misting Fans & Cooling Systems
Great for Commercial Use! 
The Brisa misting fan is designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses
* Reduces Temperatures up to 30 F.
*6 patented non-clogging adjustable nozzles
Misting Magic......
Auramist patented nozzles break the water down to microscopic levels so small that the
mist is dry to the touch!
Professional Packaging.....

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Ideal for Shops and Warehouses!
Questions? Call us 360-519-3013...

Install the most innovative cooling system around - a Misting Fan! Great addition to any deck, patio or home! Pair them with safety lights or outdoor audio for a dramatic outdoor experience! Lowest Prices Online!
The Auramist dry or wet fans will last for years of professional or personal use! The Home and Hardware Depot has everything you need to keep your family comfortable and safe! Great Portable Cooling System! Easy To use!
Misting fans are ideal for outside parties Help your quests cool down at a BBQ, a wedding, or use it everyday for personal use in those scorching summer months! Misting fan systems are easy to install to your golf cart. Always Ships Free!
Auramist Misting Fans As Featured On:

The Magic of Auramist! Each Misting fan or Cooling system has an adjustable mist feature That allows you to control the size of water droplets expelled though the nozzle! The patented system produces mist so fine that it evaporates just after leaving the nozzle! The Auramist system was completely designed for you, when wetness is not an issue the adjustable nozzle can be set to very wet mist as well!


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